The Gift of Quiet

This morning was probably the most peaceful mornings I’ve had in a very long time.

Sunday’s are generally rushed, but not today. My twins woke me up at 6a to eat & Chad took Emerson with him to church (pastors have to be there rather early).

So when Elliot and Evie Mae fell back asleep after their breakfast, I had quite a bit of time just to myself. Normally, I’m in the habit of flipping on the tv for background noise. I don’t really know why I’m always doing this; just habit, I suppose.

But this morning I just decided to enjoy the quite. I got out of bed, curled my hair, put on some makeup, made oatmeal (the kind on the stovetop, not the microwaveable packets) and a cup of coffee, went back into my bedroom and sat back down in bed next to my twins.

Now, one thing you should probably know about me, is I like to sleep with it COLD, which my husband hates, but he’s not the one with crazy female hormones.

So when it dips into the 60s, but above 40, I LOVE to sleep with the windows open.

Now you have the scene set for this blissful morning, right? It’s cool in the room, I’m halfway ready for church, windows open, warm cup of coffee, snuggled into warm sheets next to two sleeping babies. Is there anything sweeter?

I know not every morning can be this blissful, but don’t we owe it to ourselves to at least make SOME mornings this way?

Is background noise as much of a necessity as we’ve made it?

In fact, I bet you’d agree that it’s actually a huge distraction from connecting with the Lord on a daily basis.

I “don’t have time” to read my Bible, but next thing we know we are being judged by Netflix for the 3rd time with the “are you still watching?” sign. (I’m not the only one who think Netflix emphasizes the word “still,” right? I mean, the apps got an attitude!)

I know I’m not the only momma out there that loves background noise. I mean, ever our toddlers know that when Britney Spears/N-Sync radio comes on Pandora or Spotify, that’s the universal sign for “its cleaning day.” we love noise!

But as I sit here in bed, it dawns in me that the Lord knew we would love noise. That’s why He gives us so much to listen to..

The robins’ songs in the morning, the crickets chirping at night. Even the wind makes the leaves rustle as it blows. He creates this music for us to listen to, I think, it hopes of reminding us to slow down, and find the quiet, not only so that we can hear them, but we can hear HIM.

Quiet is a gift, but whispers from the Lord are a blessing.

This morning, in the quiet, my soul is more fulfilled than it could’ve been with one more episode of The Office or Drop Dead Diva.

Thank you, Lord for sleeping babies, hot coffee, and the Quiet of the Morning.

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