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3 Kids, 1 Dog, and the KonMari Method – Can it be done?

In January, Netflix launched a new series featuring the cutest, petite Asian woman, who comes into peoples crazy, messy, disastrous homes, and helps instead of making them feel like failures, she inspires them to organize, take control of their mess, and chose to “spark joy” inside their homes.

Marie Kondo, creator of the KonMari Method, captivated America with her sweet demeanor, and the transformation of the families she encountered. And just like the rest of the world, I was hooked. But as a mom of 3 small kids, a busy husband, and a canine companion, was it really realistic to implement the KonMari Method in our home?

The short answer: yes, but also no.

Here’s what I found when tackling our house:

It’s easy to get over-whelmed

Marie Kondo tells you to take it items at a time, but this didn’t really work for our functioning family. Pulling out every article of clothing, in every room, for every person, is just too much mess to get through at once. And once the mess it out, you have to put it back..

So here I am, with 3 small kids, I decided it’s not worth the stress of stepping over clothes for days and days and days (because let’s be real, you’re NOT getting that step done in one day).

So instead, I took it room by room. I still started with clothes, but just my clothes, and I did not move on from the master bedroom, until it was finished. This helped contain the mess, and ultimately, by going room by room, I was able to see and feel the results faster, which motivated me to keep going.

How I felt about my clothes directly effected my self-esteem.

Maybe that sounds petty to you, but I’m a stay-at-home mom. Most days, I don’t go anywhere, so there’s not a particular reason to change out of my pjs. But here’s the cool thing about only owning clothes that you love, make you feel good, you’re comfortable in; you’re more likely to want to get up, get dressed, and wear those clothes. And maybe you know this, but maybe you don’t; putting on clothes, getting dressed, reminds your brain that you have a purpose.

I knew exactly what I had and where it was located

“Where are the batteries? Do we have any more toilet paper? Where are the Bandaids? Have you seen my keys?”

Questions moms hear at least 2-3 times a day. Maybe you’re the mom that can always answer these questions, no matter if your home has been KonMaried or not. But listen, I am not that mom.

I am 100% guilty of buying toilet paper (the BIG pack), when we still have a half a package (of the BIG PACK) left in the back of the cabinet, next to the 4th bottle of shampoo… When I got to my closets, I knew exactly how many rolls of toilet paper I had and exactly where they all were. AMAZING.

Keeping the house clean was easy(ish)…

Once I did get the house completely finished, I was able to actually divide up the chores, and break them down into days. Instead of everything needing to be done, always, I only had one or two tasks that needed attention each day.

For instance, instead of doing 5-6 loads of laundry in one day, folding them the next, then living out of baskets of clean clothes all week, I had the time to break up the laundry over the whole week. It made the task smaller, and therefore easier to see through from washing, to folding, to putting away, one (maybe two) loads of laundry in one day.

Now, here’s where my no comes in. 3 kids, a husband, and a dog, means that schedules get thrown off. Messes get made (and left). That’s just the reality of family life. I’ll just say it is impossible to keep the house like that 100% of the time. But that actually leads to my next point.

Getting the House back on track IS easier

Weekends kill my routine. You’d think it’d be easier, because everyone is home to help. But in reality, everyone is home… to make more messes. But with the KonMari method in place, come Monday, it is fairly easy to get everything back on track, making the rest of the week much more manageable.

When you aren’t stressed about the house, you have freedom

When your kids get home from school, when you and/or your husband get home from work, instead of feeling anxiety and stress because you’re walking around chaos, you get to spend actual time together! When you aren’t arguing about laundry or the dishes, you get to talk about friends, and tv shows, and Jesus! On Saturday morning, you can go to the park instead of catching up on laundry. There is freedom when you aren’t tied to your household chores.

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